Our Approach

The Wojdak approach to lobbying is based on three principles: integrity, credibility, and trust. As we work with our clients to build a partnership with government, these principles guide our decision-making process. It has enabled our firm to earn the respect and trust of elected officials from both sides of the aisle for more than 40 years. The integrity of our information, our hard-earned credibility, and our strict confidences ensure that we have the trust of decision-makers in government.

Lobbying Services

Our lobbying team is particularly adept at navigating a divided government in increasingly partisan times. Our team of lobbyists is representative of the political makeup of the General Assembly with a balance across the Republican and Democratic parties.  For many years, we have provided policy-makers and staff with credible, trustworthy information and advice on legislative and public policy matters. Our team has experience lobbying on a wide spectrum of issues, including gaming, tax and fiscal policy, education, law enforcement issues, and transportation and infrastructure matters. Since members of our staff have served at the highest levels of state government, we know when to compromise and when to fight.  We have been participants in the small rooms of the Capitol where the large deals are made.

Appropriations Issues

Our firm was founded by the late Stephen R. Wojdak, who served as chairman of the House Appropriations Committee during his tenure in the General Assembly. His knowledge of the appropriations process served the firm’s earliest clients well and that tradition continues today. No firms in Pennsylvania can match Wojdak’s record of results in securing operational and capital funding for its clients. On behalf of our clients, our appropriations work runs the gamut from successfully devising innovative approaches to creating new line-items in the General Fund budget, finding ways to designate a portion of a line-item in a departmental budget, carving out an allocation of a statewide appropriation, or securing a multi-million dollar capital funding grant.

Economic Development Assistance

Economic development projects always require a private organization to develop a working partnership with state and municipal government. The influx of public-sector funding is sometimes critical to the viability of a project. Our firm can help navigate this complex web of transactions as we are well-versed in the available funding streams in state departments, the eligibility requirements and criteria, and the application process. Over the years, we have worked with private developers to secure government funding for economic development projects that have included funding for hotels, retail establishments, apartment buildings, museums, sports stadiums, cultural institutions.

Health Care Consulting

The health care industry in the United States today is more complex, more competitive, and more confusing than ever. Our firm offers highly specialized technical advice, support, and assistance to help industry participants thrive in the tumultuous health care market. Our staff of seasoned professionals, who have been leaders of health care organizations and served in decision-making positions in the Department of Human Services, can assist clients in dealing with regulatory and legislative issues. Over the years, we have represented major health care systems, hospitals, and rehabilitation facilities, as well as statewide organizations. Our expertise in Medicaid funding and rate reimbursement issues, intellectual disabilities issues, senior and aging policy matters, and public health concerns is well known in the state capitol, and our combination of lobbying resources and health care public policy knowledge is unique among lobbying firms in Pennsylvania.

Philadelphia City Hall Lobbying

Our business is headquartered in Philadelphia, where our constant presence and reputation for achieving results makes Wojdak the “go to” firm for most Philadelphia interests. Our Philadelphia City Hall practice includes team members with a long history of solid relationships throughout Philadelphia’s government and spanning multiple mayoral administrations. The firm has been involved with most of the major policy initiatives that have occurred in Philadelphia over the last four decades. Our staff is in City Hall daily, and nothing happens in City Hall without us knowing first. In City Council, we have helped multiple clients pass or defeat major legislation of concern. Within the Administration, we have assisted in procuring multi-million dollar contracts for a number of vendors, and have guided clients through the budget process and developers through the various construction and permitting processes.

Strategic Communications

Public affairs issues are almost always communications issues as well. Understanding the significant role that the news media and social media can play in a policy or political debate, Wojdak offers the services of Bellevue Communications, an affiliated public relations firm. In support of a lobbying engagement, Bellevue offers a wide-range of public relations services, including expertise in press relations, crisis communications, social media messaging, issue management, and targeted mailings. Bellevue’s skilled team of professionals have worked at the center of the region’s media as spokespersons, news reporters, and advisors for public officials, and have the know-how to reach audiences that help lead to a favorable outcome.

Legislative and Regulatory Monitoring

Our staff works daily in the state Capitol gathering information, attending committee and departmental meetings, press conferences, and floor sessions. Our research analysts review all bills introduced and also review all committee hearing and meeting schedules and agendas. Additionally, they attend every legislative session of the House and Senate. This constant monitoring of the General Assembly’s actions virtually guarantees that Wojdak knows what pieces of legislation are moving at any given time. Also, this monitoring significantly reduces the number of surprise amendments and ensures that the interests of our clients are well protected. We pride ourselves on our communication with clients, issuing timely and customized reports of bills introduced, amendment and regulatory analysis, status reports, committee and floor schedule information, news summaries, and general research.