Wojdak & Associates' strength lies in knowing the three P's: process, policy and politics.

Wojdak & Associates has distinguished itself as a firm that knows the intricacies of the legislative and governmental process better than anyone else, particularly when it comes to securing appropriations and capital funding. Wojdak's dedicated staff tracks all actions in each chamber of the Pennsylvania General Assembly and monitors relevant activity by the state's executive offices and regulatory agencies. Our lobbyists have access and know-how in generating support for an issue. They grasp the sub-layers of the process and recognize when those avenues can be used to a client's advantage. Consequently, they are enmeshed in every twist and turn of an issue. Such an approach has given our lobbyists a keen sense of the nuances of passing or preventing legislation.

With years of experience in government and a skilled research department, Wojdak & Associates has built a reputation for exhaustive understanding of issues and how governmental and legislative policies can help or hinder an objective. Our lobbyists know that "building a case," even for the most welcome request, is paramount to a successful outcome. Knowing the fundamentals of policy is essential to a lobbyist's ability to develop and convey a convincing argument for a client. Sometimes policies will not allow what a client wants to achieve. Wojdak & Associates understands what is doable.

The respect and reputation that Wojdak & Associates enjoys has translated into solid relationships across the political and geographical spectrum for the firm. Our lobbyists deal with legislative leadership and rank-and-file alike; Democrat and Republican; liberal and conservative – whether they hail from the state's farmlands or its urban centers. Our lobbyists pay attention to how issues in the state Capitol can affect citizens back home. They know the pressure points, the alliances and the trade-offs that can drive debate and decision-making. Our lobbyists recognize that politics is an inextricable component of governmental affairs, and that mastering the political landscape is indispensable to achieving a client's goals.